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Browse our exquisite collections of Wood Furniture, where timeless craftsmanship meets contemporary design. Whether you're seeking the Rustic Chic charm of a Reclaimed Wood Sideboard or the sleek elegance of modern aesthetics, we have the perfect pieces to elevate your space. Explore the artistry of wood in every grain, and let our curated selections transform your home into a haven of style and comfort.

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Why Choose Oakavia?

We offer one of the best selections of Furniture & Interior products in the UK. With Modern and Classic Designs. Walnut, Oak, Reclaimed & more. Stunning Design & Style. Solid Wood Furniture to suit any space. All of our products are covered by guarantee so shop with peace of mind.

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Fancy A Splash of Blue?

We love blue! Infact, Blue furniture is trending right now. Explore our stunning Splash of Blue Collection. Made from reclaimed wood, helping us to contribute to a greener, more beautiful world.

Make it your way with Ooki

The Ooki Collection includes modular units that can fit together to create the perfect feature wall. Mix units from Cupboards to Drawers to create the perfect unit that fits you.

Shop For Comfort

Elevate your home's comfort and style with our exquisite range of textiles, including high-quality rugs and cushions. At Oakavia, we prioritize the use of premium natural materials, firmly believing that every touch and texture matters.

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